Scorpio love tarot february

An idea that will help you achieve what you want… if you are willing to invest in it and put it to action. So pay attention to your thoughts. They are going to surprise you.

Tarot by Cecelia

You have a goal, Scorpio. Our emotions guide us in the right direction, but not if we let them run amok helter-skelter all over the place. So marry your emotions with your intelligence and you will soon arrive exactly where you want to be. Sagittarius, you are hooked on someone with a sensitive heart.

Someone who oozes romance ideals from his very pores. Look closer.

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Watch him. Is he so hung up over his ideals that he cannot see reality? Is he just a dream? The truth is, a handsome face can easily fool us into falling for someone who is totally wrong for us. Because the winner can often be a loser in disguise. You are running under the influence of an Aquarius new moon cycle, Aquarius. That means, if you put your heart into it, you can actually stake your claim on what you have desired for so long. So go for it! Someone who has taken it upon himself to dictate to you how your life should be.

But instead of hating him for controlling you, try to learn the lesson life is teaching you through him. The lesson of standing up for yourself. The point is, this person is here to teach you something vital. This was written by Valerie Black for Your Tango. If you fall in the last category, this love tarot card reading is for you. So you cannot be lax about it. After all, the one who wins the fight is always the one who plays to win, not the one who plays not to lose. So play to win.

Defeat the competition and claim your prize. Which, in this case, would be the undivided attention of the one you want. Taurus, someone is going to express their love for you this week. But not the one you would have expected. Instead, it will be someone you had no idea was secretly harboring intense feelings for you.

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Someone you probably do not see that way. When that happens, the rugs will be swept off from under your feet. And you will be left to make a decision that could potentially change the course of your life.

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  4. You have developed serious crushes on a lot of people over the years, Gemini. But all of them faded with time… except for one. This person still makes the butterflies flutter in your stomach. Still makes your heart pound. Of course, you are!

    Or maybe lose them to somebody else. Because a lot can happen over the course of one year. Practice your lines, sound them off a bestie, and then just do it. Dear Cancer, your gut knows something that your mind has no way of knowing. And that freaks you out. A few days later on the 12th, Venus opposes Uranus, pointing towards a surprise romantic declaration, perhaps coming from someone you had previously considered "just a friend". However, the Full Moon on the 13th suggests a difficult decision must be made status-wise, so the joy you feel may be relatively short-lived at that time.

    Don't give up, because where there's a will there's a way - between the 15th and the 21st both Mercury and Venus trine Neptune, hinting at creative and imaginative solutions to a romantic problem. By the time the New Moon falls in your dating zone on October 27th, you should be ready for a fresh start in love and filled with new ideas for hobbies and fun too.

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    Watch out for family disapproval of your love life when Mars squares Saturn on that same day - but it's really none of their business, is it? Work-life balance is a major issue this October, but the signs are good that you can find harmony on this and other difficult matters. For a start, Mercury moves into your family zone on October 3rd, helping you to rationalize the situation and not get caught up in the emotion of it.

    SCORPIO Tarot - They are warming up - LOVE READING - MID February 2019

    At the same time, Mars heads into your intellect zone, so you'll feel determined to get this right. Unexpected events may trigger an argument over how your work impacts your family, especially on or around October 6th when Mercury opposes Uranus. However, diplomatic Venus shifts into your family zone on the 8th and will help you to find a compromise. The Full Moon on October 13th occurs in your travel zone, suggesting a point of crisis here which may be related to your work-life imbalance.

    Finding a way to cut down your commuting time or your distance to work would be an ideal solution. Think laterally. When Mercury and then Venus trine Neptune in quick succession between October 15th and 21st, an inspired, creative answer is at your fingertips - don't rule out something which seems at first too good to be true. The New Moon in your family zone on October 27th suggests a fresh start with a newly invigorated family life, now that work pressures are easing. It could be hard work getting a new system set up, however, as indicated by the Mars-Saturn square on the same day - but persevere.

    Feeling bored and restless? This October, you have a chance to get out of a mental rut and to find new challenges. Mercury, your ruling planet, arrives in your intellect zone on October 3rd and at the same time, Mars shifts into your resources zone and encourages you to do more with what you have - money, time and skills. An unexpected event around October 6th highlights your boredom, as Mercury opposes Uranus and you get a glimpse of how life could be so much more. When Venus sweeps into your intellect zone on the 8th and then opposes Uranus on October 12th, your mind will be clear that something must change.

    The Full Moon on October 13th brings deep emotions to the fore, but this is your chance to confront what is holding you back. Tackle fears and phobias head on so that you can move forwards with a fresh attitude.

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    Mercury trines Neptune on October 15th and Venus follows suit on the 21st, both hinting at lots of loving support from your partner - so you have the backing you need to make some major life changes now. By the time the New Moon occurs in your intellect zone on October 27th, you'll have found opportunities for personal, intellectual and spiritual growth. A new study course would be ideal, as this would bring you both mental challenges and potential new earning power.

    A Mars-Saturn square on that same date reminds you that any such leap of faith could be a risk, but the signs are that it's a risk worth taking. Finances are your key focus this October; it's a bumpy ride at times, but this is your chance to finally get to grips with your income and spending.

    Start on October 3rd when intelligent Mercury moves into your money zone. No more burying your head in the sand! It helps that on the same day, Mars arrives in Libra, spurring you on towards self-improvement and betterment. An unexpected financial crisis on or around October 6th could be a turning point, prompted by a tricky Mercury-Uranus opposition.

    Luxury-loving Venus enters your money zone on October 8th, highlighting how easily your spending spirals out of control - but when Venus opposes Uranus on the 12th, a flash of insight will help you keep your feet on the ground. It's perhaps the Full Moon on October 13th which is the key moment of the month. This occurs in your love zone and suggests that arguments over money within your relationship could be causing serious trouble.

    This is a warning sign which prompts you to get your act together in a spectacular fashion - so when Mercury trines Neptune on the 15th, creative ideas and spiritual inspiration combine to create a whole new income stream for you. The potential here is enormous; don't under-estimate your currently under-used artistic talents.