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The focus of this show is on the Vedic astrological predictions for The episode audio is being processed and will be ready shortly. Blessings Dave the Mystic.

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An astrologer’s textbook: John Dee reads Girolamo Cardano

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography online ed. Oxford University Press. Subscription or UK public library membership required. The Quacks of Old London.

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    He started out by offering math lessons to courtiers and navigators. People love that. Champion, Dee consulted directly with Queen Mary I. What kind of consulting does a 16th-century brain-man do for a queen?

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    The only problem? Math was also considered to be magic. Everybody likes magic, right? Ha ha, no.

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    I guess, for Mary, God liked some astrology, but not too much. Or maybe Dee just gave her a bad horoscope. He had a friend in Bishop Edmund Bonner, who had Dee exonerated. But, by , there was a new queen: Elizabeth I.

    By the mids, he had set up shop in Mortlake a London suburb , which included a laboratory and a private library filled with over 4, books—the biggest private library in England at the time. It put Dee on the scholarly map. More important than divining the future, John Dee helped to shape it for Britain. He shared his considerable mathletics with captains and explorers, teaching them principles of mathematical navigation, drawing up maps, and supplying them with instruments to make expeditions—such as the expedition to Canada led by Sir Martin Frobisher in —possible.

    As for the British empire, it took a little while for that ball to get rolling, but man, did he call that one. That meant math was encroaching on church business. As Dee acknowledged in his own published defense of mathematics, lots of his contemporaries considered it a disreputable art, akin to witchcraft.

    Unraveling mysteries of the natural world was too much like eating fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.

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    Lots of math book bonfires in England around that time, then. The hardcore mathematicians really were diving into the occult. Dee got all up in the Kabbalah, practicing mystic Jewish numerology. He dug codes and cryptography, probably after banging through a couple of Dan Brown novels.

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