Leo decan compatibility

So if you benefit, in , from excellent assets to experience loves that are out of the routine and meet your expectations and you flourish in good company, then some of you may not always control your emotions well and it may then risk leading to certain excesses and sometimes taking off without a belt or deluding yourselves a little about the nature of your emotional relationships. Nothing serious, however, since they will have the opportunity to take a step back, calm things down if needed , regain control of the everyday, and manage the stewardship and their privacy with a little more moderation!

A balance to be found, therefore, without a doubt between fantasy and reality, sincerity and a tendency to excess?

Leo Zodiac Sign

A year that looks hot? Nothing to displease a sign of fire ruled by the heart and thus always ready to ignite, to engage in love stories that flourish, even if they are sometimes upset but you always know how to give meaning and salt to your life! Since the beginning of November, Jupiter has been able to promote your emotional development. Let's bet that you have been able to count on the energy and enthusiasm generally distilled by this generous planet to give color to your emotional life and get a little out of the binding atmosphere heavy loads, overwhelming responsibilities that Saturn more or less imposed everyday in !

In , we bet that you should be motivated by the desire to partially emancipate yourself and for some totally from a lifestyle that no longer suits you. If your desire to upset your habits is expressed primarily on a professional and social level, then your desire to free yourself should obviously reflect on your entire life and influence your behavior on all levels! Perhaps you have felt new impulses of creativity that tickle you and make you want to blossom more fully and a little outside the box! At the beginning of the year between January 7th and 16th , Venus boosts your libido and your power of seduction.

Enough to extend the party and captivate whoever you want! Bet on attentive listening with your partner, which will help to seal or reinforce your complicity with them between the 1st and the 10th of March! There is room for tender projects that will occupy your mind and that you will have the heart to initiate between the 9th and 17th of June! Radiant and charismatic between July 28th and August 5th, you will have no problem attracting and holding the attention of whomever you want.

Between October 8th and 16th, you will probably want to improve your living conditions and those of your loved ones and will be all fire again between November 1st and 9th! At the end of the year between the 20th and 28th of December you will seek the presence of your partner and will make every effort to get deliciously closer to them or approach the person you like, without delay! Jupiter will take care of boosting your love life until February 14th and will come back between June 6th and October 13th, !

Enough to enchant your loves. Sometimes a little too much!

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You will indeed have the tendency to ignite and give yourself over to the vertigo of love without necessarily being sure that the other is ready to follow you in your fantasies and delusions. Notably around January 13th, June 16th, and September 21st, where you are not immune to disappointment or errors if you persist in taking off without visibility! The deal then, in , will be to constantly probe your heart to determine if you really feel in agreement with what you say or do. Venus will boost your libido between January 16th and 26th and will allow you to tenderly exchange with your partner between March 10th and 18th, and will promote projects to be realized together between June 17th and 25th.

Bet on your aura to shine in all directions between August 5th and 13th and your good will to close the ranks in family between October 16th and 24th.

Between the 9th and 17th of November, you will have no trouble attracting into your nets whoever you like and should then end the year in osmosis with your lover! At the beginning of the year, Uranus pushes you to broaden your horizons, renew your beliefs about life, love, and the meaning to give to your existence. You will be partly mobilized by this quest.

At least until March 6th, when Uranus will no longer aspire to your decan! Some internal and external turmoil to predict. Now is the time to see more clearly and prioritize your priorities!

Count on the presence of Jupiter from February 14th until June 6th to put rumba in the air and a little spice in your loves. This giant planet of the zodiac will, indeed, be responsible for boosting your libido considerably and your desire to love and be loved, to promote a return of an old flame, and important meetings.

The entire world's a stage for you, in which you can perform outstandingly to rapturous applause. You can never look on the bleak side of life and find the positives in everybody and everything. Your optimism is sometimes unbelievable to others.

Leo Second Decan (August 2nd - 12th)

You love to learn and will explore many different and diverse subjects. You crave knowledge, which gives you an opportunity to show off your intelligence. Travelling for you does really broaden your horizons and your mind. Your love of life and forever looking on the bright side is an inspiration to many. Lots of people admire you and are inspired by you. You tend to be a very lucky person and seem to be in the right place at the right time to take up opportunities offered.

You are a very good advert for the Law of Attraction as your positive, upbeat and optimistic nature draws towards you incredible luck. The third Decan Leo personality is characterised by ambition, honesty and dynamism. You are fiercely ambitious and driven to attain the goals you set yourself. Luckily you have the dynamic energy to make your ambitions a reality. You are an unstoppable force when you really want something.

You are sometimes stubborn and won't give in if you believe yourself to be in the right. And as you believe yourself never to be in the wrong, your stubbornness shows through often.

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You are completely honest, straightforward and expect others to be the same. What you see is what you get with you. You are not afraid to make your thoughts and feelings known and can be brutally honest in your criticisms of others.

Water-Earth Element Sun Sign Decan Compatibility

Your honesty can sometimes border on being blunt which others find hurtful. Your dynamism and drive will propel you to the top of any profession you want to put your full enthusiastic and positive energies into. You like to be the leader, the boss, the starring role and find it very difficult to be subordinate to others.

12222 horoscope for Leo: your love-life

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