Taurus compatibility with zodiac signs

As fixed signs, they share an urge for loyalty and stable affection. However, that doesn't mean they always have an easy relationship. Fixed signs are exactly that—fixed, immovable, penetrating, and stubborn. In short, they are lovers of stability. Taurus and Leo have something in common here. With these two signs, there's a hard square angle for tension and conflict.

While this creates friction, the many Leo-Taurus couples prove that some lovers prefer the path of most resistance. Both signs are uninhibited pleasure-seekers, making sex the glue and the catharsis for relationship frustrations. High-spirited Leo helps Taurus cast off their cloak of reserve and indulge in the moment.

Taurus Compatibility: What Is The Best Love Match For A Taurus?

Once Taurus lets their hair down, they let it all hang out—many love to lounge around in the buff. Leo has a bit of the exhibitionist in their make-up, too—get ready for some artful tableaus and gestures of sensuality. Both signs know how to have fun, often preferring languid, relaxed pleasures over sustained busyness.

Taurus the builder often prods Leo to turn their wildest dreams into tangible reality. Further into the relationship, Taurus and Leo will discover that what doesn't kill their bond makes it stronger. Here you have two notoriously stubborn types, and there will be high-noon showdowns throughout their relationship.

Tensions flare when Leo isn't getting the adulation or attention they expect. If Taurus is absorbed elsewhere for too long, the Lion roars. When Leo feels consistently disrespected, as if their needs don't matter, it can become a fundamental problem in the relationship. Love is in the air for you, Taurus, but the question is, with who? Who will you be falling head over heels for? Will you fall in love today? Check out your Taurus horoscope today for more essential astro information on the Taurus compatibility. In order for a Taurus person to feel good in a relationship, they need to feel as if they share the same values as their partner.

The Most Compatible Signs With Taurus

Taurus compatibility indicated that your perfect love match is someone loyal, logical, faithful and kind. It really is out of the question for a Taurus to start a relationship with someone they can't count on. Which zodiac sign is most compatible with Taurus? Have you got questions and doubts about your relationship? If so, consult our fortune teller ball for the insight you need. Click on the zodiacs to reveal your perfect match, Taurus. If you are interested in dating a Taurus, be sure to check out how to attract Taurus man using their zodiac sign.

Read the Taurus horoscope for more insights into your year. Are you curious about another zodiac sign's compatibility? Learn know about horoscope compatibility and make falling in love easier!

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A great match! The signs complete each other while holding their own in a relationship. The energetic and risk-taking Aries combined with the stability and patience of a Taurus works to their favor. Whatever their relationship, everything is a question of getting the right mixture.

When it comes to love, strong attraction will bring them together!

An in tune couple! They are brilliantly peaceful and enjoy the simple pleasures in life together. If they find things in common, their relationship is as solid as a rock! Downfall : Their relationship can take over their lives.

Taurus Compatibility | Zodiac & Horoscope Compatibility

If two Taurus' are attracted to each other, their level of sensuality is next to none! The attraction between them really is electric. What brings them together is their materialistic side. If both Taurus' make an effort their relationship can potentially be solid.

Worst Matches

Do opposites attract Taurus is stuck in their ways, not very talkative, while Gemini personality is all over the place, very talkative. Therefore, this match has work to do.

Gemini loves Taurus' kindness and quiet determination, which will only increase at Taurus' side. A real sweet couple! Both introverts, patience plays in their favor.

Everything You Need to Know About Libra and Taurus Compatibility

This is a match that avoids tension and hates yelling. For this reason, they should live peacefully together. Taurus and Cancer can quickly decide to form a family or a love nest to call their own. In this pursuit, it is easy to close off from everyone or stop going out.

They get very wrapped up in the other! Downfall : Being scared of expressing their feelings. Now, here's a duo that hates fighting and yelling, and who prefer to live peacefully side by side. Taurus and Cancer personality will dream of starting a family and establishing a family home, although one of the serious downfalls of this pairing could be the fact that they become too consumed in each other.

An explosive couple! Here are two strong personalities! With headstrong Taurus and authoritative Leo personality …fights are likely to occur.

Taurus compatibility

Fortunately, they stay loyal to each other and always find a path to reconciliation. However, they should not give into playing games, and should explain with tact and maturity. In terms of finances, Taurus needs to be reassured and Leo is looking for success. In the midst of frustrating projects, they support each other hand-in-hand. Leo needs to try a sit back in the relationship, because if Leo attempts to dominate, Taurus won't stick around for long!

Taurus is capable of giving Leo the love that Leo requires. If this couple works towards similar goals, they could become the perfect love story. Will harmony reign? As organized, practical, and poised individuals, this match gets on well. Together, these two are hard-working signs. However, the sociable Taurus can find Virgo too rigid and fearful. Both Virgo and Taurus are hard workers and love working towards their common goals. Although, Taurus has interest that Virgo will never be able to understand.

Taurus Love Compatibility: Taurus Sign Compatibility Guide!

Virgo shouldn't be underestimated though and are capable of surprising Taurus partners. Balance is important Two signs guided by Venus, planet of love. Both attracted to creativity and in search of balance within the couple, the family.